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Ideas First, Innovation Second

With a nearly constant stream of updates, optimization strategies and new technologies coming to market on a daily basis in the grand pursuit of disruption, the result can be somewhat uninspiring – stemming from lackluster and underdeveloped ideas. If the goal is innovation, then we could be waiting around for awhile. True innovation is lighting in a bottle and it won’t always strike when the time and conditions are right. To increase the possibility of disruption and innovation, ideas must flow freely and swiftly to even stand a chance of becoming a reality. It’s one thing to have a wealth of good ideas, it’s quite another to make them become a reality and on the road to becoming something useful, even life changing. A few aspects can aid in ensuring great ideas become disruptors. Speed It’s true, timing is everything. Time to market with a good idea is possibly the most…

2 years, 5 months ago
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Point and Shoot: 3 Tips for a Great Photoshoot Experience

We recently had a fantastic photoshoot opportunity, thriving in an environment full of great, positive energy and creative collaboration. As a result of that experience, we’ve decided to compile a few points that we found to be poignant in improving the entire photoshoot process. 
 Point, Shoot, and Connect
 As you go through the photoshoot, make sure to connect with your subjects. Strike up friendly conversation – the more you speak to one another, the more at ease you will all feel, resulting in the best results possible. A relaxed subject is a photogenic one – no fake smiles, and all of the warm energy will transfer to the final product. 

If you’re photographing objects or a facility (as opposed to corporate headshots), speak to the individuals in charge of production or the people that work within that industrial space. Understanding the message they want to convey, the voice of…

2 years, 8 months ago
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A Culture of Collaboration

In branding and marketing strategy – as with many other industries – collaborative efforts typically have far better results than projects handled by only one person. Though collaboration has turned into a service based cultural buzzword seen all over the place (a little like innovation), its an elusive achievement that many don’t fully understand. When most companies need branding work, the first thing they think about is finding the right designer for the job. A great designer is definitely capable of creating a solid design but cannot do all the heavy lifting with regard to strategy and planning. Creating an award winning design or campaign is a team effort. There are many parts of developing a brand that most people aren’t aware of, especially if the goal is to create an outstanding final product. This is where the benefit of working with a creative agency comes in. #1: Be Agile The agency or team…

2 years, 9 months ago