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6 Tips for Writing for the Web

At times, it may be difficult to write for the web, especially when consistent social media interaction and collaboration is required. Writing under pressure can be the driving factor for many content strategists; others, however, may find themselves crushed with writing anxiety. The dreaded “writer’s block.” 
 Not only must you create original copy, but it must be pertinent, valuable, and relevant to your target audience. The purpose of your content should be developing a voice for your brand, as well as being approachable to your users resulting in increased engagement and client retention/loyalty. Below are some quick, easy tips you can incorporate into your business writing to improve your copy. 1. Just Write Often, we are plagued with needing to come up with the perfect phrasing, obsessing over every word and detail. That’s fine – after you’re finished getting all of your ideas down and elaborated on. Sit down…

5 years, 2 months ago