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Spring Clean Your Image with a Brand Refresh

If you feel that you are out of touch with your audience, it might be time to spring clean your image with a brand refresh. Rebranding is done for different reasons. Sometimes it’s to target a bigger audience that can be lead to growth. Other times it’s to adapt to the changing environment and stay competitive. Regardless of the reason, this is a big change that requires big adjustments to not only your brand presentation but to also how your company functions on an internal level. So where do you start with your Rebranding? The first order of business is to figure out exactly what you want to change and how you want to change it. Is your current strategy limiting you from growth or hurting your company in some way? How can you refocus and reposition the brand goals so that you can get on course to where you…

3 years, 6 months ago
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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words (At Least)

How we are impacted by the visuals we take in on a daily business would stagger you. What we see affects further actions – thus, images hold all of the power. An individual can hear an audio clip or read an article but will not truly internalize the information unless there is an accompanying visual – and it is the photographer who controls that image, molding the image to fit the content and desired brand representation. 

 Ensuring both a contrast and a complementary tone is crucial for the perfect photo, accompanying both content and designed graphics that are built by creative designers, working with the specifications that are unique to each company. Photography remains an important aspect of the branding process, which makes it inherently connected to graphic and web design. 

Quality – a nonnegotiable detail for photos used in web design, conveying professionalism and style. Communicating the importance…

4 years, 2 days ago
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Creative Design: Shaping Your Work Environment

We don’t exactly know how creativity takes place within the brain, but every industry has experienced some ideas and aspects that have shown positive results. How do we build and embrace creativity within the work environment? How can we shape that space to be one that inspires? Of all the research done on the subject, two categories have shown to be most effective – the physical environment where individuals do most of their work and thinking, and the interpersonal environment that shapes the relationships within the work place. Physical Environment

 Surround yourself with inspiration. Creative organizations are embracing urban zoning in their office planning process, thinking about what emotion needs to be infused in the space. Does there need to be a quiet, contemplative writing area? Should you include an area that allows for a few hours of uninterrupted concentration? Do the walls and window area need to be bright…

4 years, 17 days ago