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See It Now: Design Disruptors

It’s no secret that InVision has made their mark in the creative landscape as an innovative platform for designers. What’s more is that they don’t just do the work – they live it. With community engagement and education on relevant subjects – their team, and collaborative community at large – has a lot to say. So it’s no surprise that they have just released the new documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS. The film, screening now in select locations is an inspiring and engaging look at companies and products that are changing our landscape (and daily lives) through design. The film – while truly eye-opening for anyone with an interest in design or business, is a must-see for collaborative teams and creative agencies. As a team of self-described creative problem solvers, the Versions Collective resonated with the statement made by Julie Zhuo, VP, Product Design at Facebook; “(design is) the act of intentionally solving problems.” Check…

3 years, 9 months ago