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Logo Design Fundamentals: A Balancing Act

Logo design is the bedrock of successful branding, so shortcuts are not an option. The process of designing the identity of a brand is essentially laying the groundwork for a conversation with the user, and in order for that exchange to go smoothly – the design must be crafted impeccably. If designed well, a logo can do much more than just look pretty – it can establish credibility, build trust and allow a brand to stand out from the crowd. Branding with regard to logo design has always been important – but in an age where much of business is done virtually, establishing solid brand recognition in a visual way is a requirement. So how do you create something that truly stands out and reflects the values of the brand it represents and ‘speaks’ to the audience? Here are a few essential elements: Versatility A logo that is truly effective…

3 years, 6 months ago
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Design as a Key Element in Successful Branding

There are many parts of branding from the strategy, positioning, culture, to the brand statement. However, design is obviously the most recognizable aspect of branding. Design and branding are inseparable but business owners often confuse the relationship between the two. For instance, many business owners associate the logo as the brand when it is more of an avatar for the company. With that said, how exactly does design impact a brand? Since the topic of the logo was brought up, you can say that the logo design is meant to support or conceptualize your brand statement and identity rather than represent the brand together. Take the financial company ING for example. Their logo has the symbol of a lion next to their company name. The purpose here is to represent a pedigree that commands respect, is authoritative, and is a leader. These are all qualities that people want to associate…

4 years, 10 months ago