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Point and Shoot: 3 Tips for a Great Photoshoot Experience

We recently had a fantastic photoshoot opportunity, thriving in an environment full of great, positive energy and creative collaboration. As a result of that experience, we’ve decided to compile a few points that we found to be poignant in improving the entire photoshoot process. 
 Point, Shoot, and Connect
 As you go through the photoshoot, make sure to connect with your subjects. Strike up friendly conversation – the more you speak to one another, the more at ease you will all feel, resulting in the best results possible. A relaxed subject is a photogenic one – no fake smiles, and all of the warm energy will transfer to the final product. 

If you’re photographing objects or a facility (as opposed to corporate headshots), speak to the individuals in charge of production or the people that work within that industrial space. Understanding the message they want to convey, the voice of…

4 years, 10 months ago