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Digital PR Done Right

With the technological shift and ease of use in finding all that we need online – the world of media relations and the art of the press release have drastically changed shape right before our eyes. Digital PR is now a thriving business segment and an integral part of marketing strategy with specific relation to events, promotions and launch initiatives opening up a new reach to vast audiences that could normally not be reached through static print content. This new model of media relations borrows from multiple platforms of digital marketing including content strategy, social media and SEO. The most effective tool in getting fresh and appealing content to populate for SEO, whether paid or organic, is with the use of the digital press release. The press release as we know it remains the hallmark of the media relations sphere – and the basic elements endure –  but critical steps must now be taken to optimize…

4 years, 6 months ago
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Writing Content Search Engines Will Love

It’s no secret that search engines, especially Google, loves unique “human created” content. Reusing old content and using SEO software to generate content is not recommend by experienced search engine optimization experts and business-minded internet marketers. Experienced search engine optimization experts and content developers, understand the underlying factors as to why writing unique and relevant content for websites it is important to ensure the long term success of a profitable online business. Any page of any website is able to be optimized to be relevant for any keyword and/or keyword phrase. Content is only one of many factors that can be used to increase the keyword performance of keywords and search terms for a website at search engines. Create a corporate identity with impressionable textual content that will leave a lasting positive image for your business! It is important to learn how to effective use the content on any given…

6 years, 2 months ago