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‘Hashing’ Out An Effective Social Media Grouping Strategy

What originated as a simple system of online labeling has become a part of our offline social vernacular. The hashtag (or more specifically, the number sign, #) is now regularly used in casual conversation to reference an emphasis on a specific subject and has become a pop culture icon in it’s own right. Originally used in 2007 on Twitter to make sense of the 140-character chaos, the idea to apply this method of classification originated from IRC (Internet Relay Chats) dating back to the late 80s. From a social media perspective, the widespread use of the hashtag took some time to gain traction and was further developed and implemented by Twitter in 2009 when the growing company identified the increased usage of the tagging system among its users. The use of hashtags have extended beyond Twitter and has spread successfully to most major social networks with the exception of LinkedIn. Implementing a grouping strategy via hashtags from a…

4 years, 7 months ago