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Creative Design: Shaping Your Work Environment

We don’t exactly know how creativity takes place within the brain, but every industry has experienced some ideas and aspects that have shown positive results. How do we build and embrace creativity within the work environment? How can we shape that space to be one that inspires? Of all the research done on the subject, two categories have shown to be most effective – the physical environment where individuals do most of their work and thinking, and the interpersonal environment that shapes the relationships within the work place. Physical Environment

 Surround yourself with inspiration. Creative organizations are embracing urban zoning in their office planning process, thinking about what emotion needs to be infused in the space. Does there need to be a quiet, contemplative writing area? Should you include an area that allows for a few hours of uninterrupted concentration? Do the walls and window area need to be bright…

5 years, 2 months ago