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Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that ideal for companies looking for custom solutions. It solves the problem of having to deal with the limitations of third party platforms and sacrificing your data to be shared to eCommerce SAAS companies. While Magento comes with a lot of advantages over third party platforms, it requires a good amount of development.

We at ArtVersion offer Magento web development services for companies looking to have a large amount of their site or the entire site custom built. We understand what companies and business owners are looking for when using Magento. We help companies whether they are looking for features like a shopping cart that is intuitive and involves less checkout steps or a customer loyalty program on the backend that syncs with their CRM software.

While the publicly available add-on modules, extensions and themes can maximize the capabilities of your eCommerce site, you still need a strong foundation. We develop on Magento in a way that makes sites search engine friendly, user friendly, easily manageable, and technically sound. By building on a strong foundation, changes, additions and management is made easier, which consequently allows you to make running your business easier as well.

ArtVersion is also one of the few developers that take design seriously. First and foremost, we are a design-centric firm. And when it comes to eCommerce sites, design plays a huge role in the success of the site. Everything from how pages are structured, the user experience design, the site’s user interface, to the way content is formatted affects your sales.

Because eCommerce sites are strictly about sales, the statistical impact that design changes can produce is monumental. A winning design can easily outsell a lesser design by as much as two, three, even four times. That’s why working with a developer that takes design just as seriously as development is vital to your eCommerce success.

The reason why we’ve been able to develop high performing Magento sites for our clients is because of how our creative process is structured. The entire team is involved in every aspect of the design/development process. So even if the designer doesn’t have anything to do with the development, he may impart knowledge on to the developer in the middle of the development stage that may improve the final product.

Our approach to design is also unique in that we excel in different facets of design. For most professionals and firms, design is mainly about aesthetics. For us, there’s everything from the UI design, UX design, responsive design, branding, visual storytelling, content, to how design affects conversion. The web has evolved to the point where all these aspects of design are essential for companies to get the most out of their web presence.

So if you’re in need of Magento web development services, make ArtVersion Chicago based team your first choice. You can get a better understanding of how we work by calling us. If you’re in the Chicago area, feel free to come in to our office to meet our team and even work with them to make your project the best it could possibly be.

Goran Paunovic

Goran Paunovic is a creative director at ArtVersion Interactive. Chicago based web design company and full service creative agency.

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