Tapping Into Your Creative Community

When living and working in such digitally and technologically connected culture, its all too easy to sit behind a screen and think that you are getting all the information that you need to do your best work. Articles, webinars, streaming video and audio and project management tools (read: Slack) just to name a few – all provide the connectivity and information for us to get inspired, put the puzzle pieces together and ultimately get the job done. But is it enough to produce the best work possible?

Think of it this way, usually in the morning, you are ready and rearing to go (fueled by caffeine at least)  – ideas are flowing and you get to your desk to knock those ideas out of the park. As the day goes on, the momentum seems to slip and finally the afternoon comes and the process doesn’t have quite the spark as when the day began. The same goes for a siloed creative process. Its one thing to collaborate with your own team on specific projects, but in order to bring a stream of fresh ideas to the table, you need to be stimulated from beyond the desk.

Some of our team at ArtVersion this week attended a series of events surrounding Design Week Portland. The inspiration and generation of ideas were palpable. From workshops on design thinking to  open houses at local agencies and maker studios and meet ups- there was a veritable cornucopia of equally intriguing events and subjects to choose from. Admittedly, we went back and forth about the value of attending during a busy week of client meetings and launches but ultimately carved out the time – even if it meant a few late nights of catching up.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.27.45 PM

The dream is alive. Wacom (@wacom) via twitter #dwpdx

Already a very collaborative team, coming out of the events gave us a renewed sense of drive. Not only is there opportunity to gain clients and connect with like minded individuals, but the big takeaway here is that there is huge value in what we do as creatives. While sitting behind a computer, standing at whiteboard, or sitting around a drafting table – we are constantly problem solving. Many businesses and brands out there need help, and it means their survival. Our skills, strategies and implementations are what will make them thrive, allowing their business and usually their passions to be realized and continue to sustain. Whether the solution comes in one session or after many iterations, when the formula clicks – its magic.

Vanessa Petersen

As Executive Director of Brand Strategy based in ArtVersion’s Portland office, Vanessa manages both national and West Coast accounts. She brings with her a passion for strategy with extensive experience in creative marketing, brand growth and development. She is a true advocate of storytelling and brand building from the inside out, and her keen knowledge of the marketplace, trend patterns and usability lead her to identify opportunities that can inspire powerful design strategies.

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