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How Sites Are Designed When Working with a Web Design Agency

Are you on the verge of working with a web design agency or shopping around for a digital firm that can do the job? If so, you should understand how a web design agency works when such an organization is given a project. Getting this knowledge will help you work better with the agency and give you an idea of what to look for if you are still trying to find the right agency. Here is a brief process of how sites are designed by a digital agency. Creating Goals and Doing the Necessary Research Every client has a unique vision in mind when it comes to what they want from their website. To accomplish the vision, there are several goals that need to be met. The goals will vary and be broken down into small milestones throughout the project. Some clients have a general idea of what they want…

6 years, 3 months ago
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Why Responsive Web Design is Better Than Ever

For the past few years, responsive design has been the talk of the industry. Many people have predicted that it would be the industry standard. Fast forward to today and you’ll see that they were right. Most design and development firms offer responsive design services and the most reputable websites use this format to cater to their mobile audience. Responsive web design, however, has come a long way and is better than ever. Here are some new developments that will surprise you. Responsive Images One of the big issues with responsive was that dealing with images was tedious. An image that was created for desktop users would be too big for mobile users and take a long time to load. It was also annoying to try to scale the size to the screen of the devices. Fortunately, there are many tools, plugins, and technology that can help you optimize your…

6 years, 4 months ago
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5 eCommerce UX Strategies that Can Boost Conversions

There’s a lot that’s been said about improving UI for ecommerce sites. But for the overall UX design, the UI design is only a part of the story. Not putting enough of an emphasis on a great user experience can mean the difference between a sale and website abandonment. While there are many aspects of UX that you can improve, here are five different strategies that will help you see an immediate lift in your sales conversions. #1 Improve the findability of your products Ask yourself this question: can users easily find what they’re looking for? Are the product pages listed in the right categories? Do you have a search bar that can accurately help users discover what they’re looking for and can correct misspellings or make alternative suggestions? You want to make it as easy as possible for users. You don’t want them to expend much effort or else…

6 years, 6 months ago
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How to Boost Conversion Rates for Your Site

Getting traffic but seeing dismal results in your conversion rates? It can be difficult to figure out what you’re doing wrong and what you need to change if your current website setup isn’t delivering the results you hoped for. There are so many different variables to look at which is usually strained by budget limitations (if you’re purchasing traffic). Rather than trying to see improvements through tactics, here are some fundamentals that you can use to bust your conversion rates through the roof. Test Different Headlines and Leads Your headline is what determines whether your webpage gets read or not. It’s also prominent because it’s on the top fold part of your page. You want to try different headlines to see what yields the best results. Rather than trying out different variations of the same headline (ie. Rephrased words, adjectives, interchanged words), aim to test new headlines altogether. The lead…

7 years, 3 months ago
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Choosing Your Ideal Web Design

Approaching your web design strategy, as you are bombarded with countless options and needing to ensure that your customers can use your site easily and that it embodies your company image – sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? We have compiled a short list that can assist you in narrowing your focus and seeing what options you have – laid out easily, with advantages and disadvantages, this list can help you quiet your mind and approach your design strategy with more information and clarity. Static Web Design This type of design is delivered to the user exactly as it is stored, displaying the same information for any viewer. They are often HTML documents stored as files and made available by the web server. This type of design is ideal for websites that do not need to be updated frequently (or even at all) – since maintaining many static pages can be time-consuming…

7 years, 3 months ago
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Agile Design for Startups – A Fresh Approach to Creating

In a competitive environment, the ability to adapt is a essential quality for a company. For that reason, many companies have started to embrace the agile approach for designing their websites and apps. The traditional approach of getting a product perfect or nearly perfect before launching a website or a product does have its place. After all, a well designed website or app that runs as perfectly as can be will probably be met with acclaim, creating a momentum that sets itself for success in the marketplace. But the traditional approach to creating is not ideal for many companies, especially for companies with small budgets and a lack of resources for figuring out what their audience wants to the tee. The agile approach is perfect for these types of companies as they don’t have to commit everything to creating a perfect final product. They can adapt as they go until…

7 years, 3 months ago
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4 Factors for Successful Microsite Design

If you’re looking to set up a corporate site or distinguish other sub-brands from your main website, it’s time to go with a microsite. What is a microsite? A microsite is basically is basically a small website that are meant to supplement your main website or achieve some kind of purpose. For example, a microsite can be build for a specific brand that carries a distinct line of products. It can also be built to set up a viral marketing promotion. It makes sense to create one to target new audiences, distinguish brands/products, or set up big event promotions. But what makes a microsite successful? There are several factors with the first being focus. You need a focused topic to give your users the space to really consume the information you want them to consume. The microsite design needs to be themed around the topic and the content also will…

7 years, 5 months ago
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What Should You Focus On When Redesigning a Company Site?

Thinking about redesigning the company site? While updating your website is a good idea, it’s still a risky move if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can alienate your existing audience by going with a new web design that is disconnected from your roots. You can unknowingly get rid of website elements that are making your site work with less effective designs. The key is to really know what to focus on to improve your company site. For many companies, the idea of a redesign stems from a much needed update to how their website looks. It might be attractive to completely revamp the entire website but you need to really think about what’s working right now. What are people really connecting to on your website right now? What aspects of the design reflect the brand of the company? What elements bring your website together to create a unique…

7 years, 6 months ago
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Single Product eCommerce Design

Setting up a website to sell a single product is an effective way to highlight a core product, set up promotional events, or increase conversions. While the concept is simple, you still need a quality single product eCommerce design to maximize your results. These websites will usually be small and concise, so all the small details make a big difference in the final result. Like a regular website, single product websites need a professional presentation. The visual presentation will speak volumes about the quality of the product and the credibility of your company. Without proper single product eCommerce design, people will feel suspicious about making a purchase from a small website with some generic design. That’s why you want to instill confidence in them with the aesthetics. Effective design is also important for single product websites if you’re trying to tie the product around a big promotion or event. You…

8 years, 5 days ago
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Comparing Responsive Web Design to a Dedicated Mobile Site

As the popularity of responsive web design grows, more and more designers, webmasters and companies are wondering why they should even switch over to this format. Many companies already have a dedicated mobile site for their audience and some don’t see the point of investing in the resp. format. Designers are wondering if they should learn how to design with this methodology and if it is even worth it. The truth of the matter is that a dedicated mobile site can be just as good as a responsive site in delivering an optimized browsing experience to users. If you focus on that point, it’s hard to justify the costs of resp. web design when dedicated sites are so much more affordable or already established. And it will be enough for many people to dismiss resp. design but there is a bigger issue at hand. The bigger issue lies in marketing,…

8 years, 12 days ago