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Game Changer: Finding A Brand’s Differentiator

As popular as it may be the old saying ‘ if you can’t beat them, join them’ is the exact opposite of what a brand should do to compete in the market place. Many companies can simply exist for a time employing this mantra, but eventually, the model will fail with too many players offering the same service. If there is one constant, its that the competition will never let up – there will always be an upcoming launch, a new product or a lower price. In this constant and yet, even increasing competitive marketplace, a brand’s point of view must be distilled to its clearest message possible. The stand out aspect – the differentiator – is what will attract notice, garner attention and lead to conversio opportunities. Though it may seem obvious enough for some, finding a company’s differentiating factor can be a difficult task. Here are a few ways to ensure that a…

6 years, 10 months ago
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Design as a Key Element in Successful Branding

There are many parts of branding from the strategy, positioning, culture, to the brand statement. However, design is obviously the most recognizable aspect of branding. Design and branding are inseparable but business owners often confuse the relationship between the two. For instance, many business owners associate the logo as the brand when it is more of an avatar for the company. With that said, how exactly does design impact a brand? Since the topic of the logo was brought up, you can say that the logo design is meant to support or conceptualize your brand statement and identity rather than represent the brand together. Take the financial company ING for example. Their logo has the symbol of a lion next to their company name. The purpose here is to represent a pedigree that commands respect, is authoritative, and is a leader. These are all qualities that people want to associate…

7 years, 6 months ago
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Building Trust in the Digital Landscape

It doesn’t take a traditional marketer to know that building trust is a huge part of every relationship. It is one thing to be interested in a brand, but quite another to become connected and engage with it. The process that converts a prospective customer into a loyal follower is a multi-faceted feat of branding as well as a dedication to a sustained service approach. In today’s environment of constant change and fickle tastes – brands can easily endear themselves via powerful positioning and flashy graphics, but quickly fall flat if promises are not backed up. It is enough of a challenge to convince a user to choose one product over another when faced with the multitude of options on the shelves at any given retail establishment, and the digital landscape has pushed this envelope even further. Put simply, if an organization does not fulfill its promises – it will not thrive. Offer…

7 years, 7 months ago
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Baby Steps: Identifying Your Brand

What is your brand? Have you ever heard this confusing (and often loaded) question? As a company in any industry it is crucial for you to know that answer. Here’s why: What’s your vision? What image are you trying to project to your key audience, your customers, your viewers? An important element to keep in mind (for any company, be it well established or just starting out) is that ensuring a true and lasting connection is crucial. Knowing who your viewers are and identifying their interests is important, but creating a personal bond will bring you farther, more quickly, and more meaningfully than simply preaching your company’s features. Consider the typical user experience as you shop for that perfect item of clothing or jewelry. Say the employees assisting you take the time to understand what you need and what you personally wish for – when you find your item, you…

8 years, 16 days ago
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Startup Branding – What Factors Can Help You Win in a Crowded Marketplace?

Getting noticed in a marketplace as a startup can be challenging. On top of having to be innovative, you have to compete with established leaders that can quickly snuff you out before you get going. So when it comes to making your big debut and sustaining the buzz you’ve created, the proper startup branding strategy is essential. It can be the one factor that can make or break a company’s momentum. There are multiple aspects of branding that you need to think about before developing your plan of attack. You have to first become aware of what competing brands exist in the marketplace and how they have positioned themselves. This will allow you to see how you stand out in the marketplace and how to position your uniqueness to generate buzz and build momentum. For example, one company may have centered their brand on premium prices for premium products. Another…

8 years, 22 days ago
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What Should You Focus On When Redesigning a Company Site?

Thinking about redesigning the company site? While updating your website is a good idea, it’s still a risky move if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can alienate your existing audience by going with a new web design that is disconnected from your roots. You can unknowingly get rid of website elements that are making your site work with less effective designs. The key is to really know what to focus on to improve your company site. For many companies, the idea of a redesign stems from a much needed update to how their website looks. It might be attractive to completely revamp the entire website but you need to really think about what’s working right now. What are people really connecting to on your website right now? What aspects of the design reflect the brand of the company? What elements bring your website together to create a unique…

8 years, 2 months ago
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Looking at Company Branding and Visual Communications in a New Light

For a long time, branding has been approached as a simply stating “this is who we are and this is what we do” or “this is what makes us better” in the digital world. Most of the emphasis has been on the basic presentation and core message. But more brands are finding a better way to connect with their audience, namely, through innovative visual branding. Web design has been one of the ways brands have been conveying who they are. They’re incorporating brand elements into the web design to give their websites a strong identity. It departs from basic websites which focus mostly on the logo, general color schemes and the core message. Approaching web design in this manner helps brands stand out from the competition and appeal to users. This design approach also injects a strong dose of personality into the brand. It signifies that the person is dealing…

8 years, 4 months ago
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Using Visual Design To Brand A Company

The visual relation associated with a brand and/or design of company website can play a very large role in the potential success or possible failure of any and every company or the website of a company, and especially web based companies. Most experienced graphic designers and/or professional web designers know how use these design elements to create a pleasant visual experience that simulates brain to maintain interest, with a desire to want to know or learn more. Important factors related to the visual branding of a company include: Colors, font, types of images, style of graphics, combination of colors, the use of pictures with real people, graphic/image quality, font size, combinations of fonts used, font styles, as well as other related design factors. To most people many combinations of colors and/or fonts clearly just “do not look good,” to almost anyone, but on the other hand there are color combinations that…

9 years, 1 month ago