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How to Choose the Right Marketing Channel for Your Budget

One of the biggest challenges as a marketer is to use a limited budget to create a profitable marketing campaign. If there is no clear focus, it can be even harder due to the fact you have many different channels to choose from. To help you make a decision, here are a set of different scenarios of what channel best suits the situation. Best Channel to Focus On If You Have a Small Budget But Have an Established List of Customers: Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to convert prospects into customers. If you already have a list of customers that you haven’t been utilizing, you can quickly build with an email campaign with a great offer and expect some sales. However, email marketing isn’t that straightforward most of the time. You’ll need to focus on building a relationship with your subscribers and customers which can be…

6 years, 5 months ago
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Design as a Key Element in Successful Branding

There are many parts of branding from the strategy, positioning, culture, to the brand statement. However, design is obviously the most recognizable aspect of branding. Design and branding are inseparable but business owners often confuse the relationship between the two. For instance, many business owners associate the logo as the brand when it is more of an avatar for the company. With that said, how exactly does design impact a brand? Since the topic of the logo was brought up, you can say that the logo design is meant to support or conceptualize your brand statement and identity rather than represent the brand together. Take the financial company ING for example. Their logo has the symbol of a lion next to their company name. The purpose here is to represent a pedigree that commands respect, is authoritative, and is a leader. These are all qualities that people want to associate…

6 years, 10 months ago
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What Should You Focus On When Redesigning a Company Site?

Thinking about redesigning the company site? While updating your website is a good idea, it’s still a risky move if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can alienate your existing audience by going with a new web design that is disconnected from your roots. You can unknowingly get rid of website elements that are making your site work with less effective designs. The key is to really know what to focus on to improve your company site. For many companies, the idea of a redesign stems from a much needed update to how their website looks. It might be attractive to completely revamp the entire website but you need to really think about what’s working right now. What are people really connecting to on your website right now? What aspects of the design reflect the brand of the company? What elements bring your website together to create a unique…

7 years, 6 months ago
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Creative Agency: Important Facts When Looking for a New Creative Agency

If you’ve been trying to find the right creative agency to work with, you’re probably inundated with all the choices that are available to you. There are many great agencies but it’s more about working with an agency that can deliver on your needs and match the way your company works. Some of the few things to look into include the culture of the company, their capabilities, and the types of designs they focus on. The first thing you need to look at is what kind of creative agency you’re dealing with. Some agencies only focus on the digital arena, some only focus on offline and some only work with multimedia. Ideally, you want to go with an agency that has the expertise to deliver on multiple marketing channels and media types. You also want to look at how big a company is. Small agencies may not be handle bigger…

7 years, 8 months ago
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White Paper Design Makes All the Difference

Your white paper can be one of the most powerful selling tools for your products and services. But nothing can kill sales faster than a poorly designed white paper. It doesn’t matter how valuable the information and message is. If people are put off by the design or have a hard time reading the content, your white paper will end up in the recycling bin. There are many elements of white paper design that contribute to its effectiveness. The most obvious one you’ll notice right away is the cover. You want to convey value right from the beginning with a great title, cover image, and a message that conveys there’s more to the white paper than the title. The visual presentation is the first thing that the reader will see, so you want to make sure you create the right first impression. Then there’s the layout. Many companies understand that…

7 years, 11 months ago
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Interactive Methods for Creating Website Engagement

Engagement is becoming an important goal for many companies. A well designed site can do a lot to increase engagement but there are also interactive elements that can be added to further boost results. Some of the things you can use include HTML5, jQuery and javascripts. Here are some great examples of how you can use these elements in your design. First, HTML5 can be used instead of Flash. While Flash is widely accepted, it is not friendly for all apps, platforms, and can cause many viewing issues. For some websites, switching over to HTML5 can lead to big boosts in engagement. HTML5 can also be integrated into digital marketing campaigns. For example, it is now possible to add clickable links into SMS campaigns with HTML5. This will have a significant impact on the results companies get from SMS campaigns. Next on the list is jQuery. Some websites are using…

8 years, 1 month ago
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Simple Website Design Ideas That Help Online Businesses Standout

Creatively inspired web designs with a meaningful purpose, designed to captivate the minds of visitors. Increase the time website visitors will remain on your site, and with the right product, service, and price point for target market; a new website with a responsive web design / custom theme, could help to take your business to the next level. Creativity is often found to Coincide within Forms of Simplicity of an Experienced Artist and/or Graphic Designer Experienced website development companies understand the concepts and logic behind the theory of a simple clean design that help keep visitors interested! Websites with easy navigation, high quality custom graphics and a purposeful responsiveness help to keep content properly organized while at the same time offering a very easy to navigate design that is also highly optimized to generate free organic traffic at all major search engines, including Very Simple and Professional Website Design…

8 years, 4 months ago
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Creative Marketing Concepts For Innovative Online Businesses

Learn more about new Creative Design ideas and get recommendations from web design industry leading experts at the Creative Agency Talk Blog Innovative Ideas and Creative Marketing Concepts for Online Businesses That are Serious About Success in Very Competitive Markets How to Approach Web Design and Development Professional website design using web development methods that create a lasting positive impression. The experienced graphic design and web development team at ArtVersion Web & Graphic Design Firm is serious about the success of your online business! We take a unique creative approach to every detail within websites we develop. User Interface Design and User Experience Simple and Effective Websites with User Interface Designs that Serve a Useful Purpose. Web Designs that allow for easy human interaction as well as effectively allowing search engines bots like GoogleBot to crawl through websites efficiently, which in return also helps to achieve better search engine position at Google and other major search engines.   For Over 12 Years we are an industry leading…

8 years, 4 months ago