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Maintaining a Fluid Creative Process Throughout the Life Cycle of A Project

Throughout the life of a project, there are many peaks and valleys to manage. The process entails much more than just having the right project management software and following a tried and true pathway. As creatives, we must be constantly striving to innovate – even if it simply involves the generation of new ideas for the optimal flow of a project. For many, particularly in smaller creative groups, formal project management is something to steer away from due to fear of constraints and diminishing the creative process. And yet usually, there are no alternate processes put in place to keep the flow of a project moving resulting in stalled jobs, team discord and client dissatisfaction. Even if a ‘traditional’ approach to project lifecycle management isn’t implemented, a set of loose guidelines to reach the desired end result can be put in place, even heightening the positive impact for the agency…

7 years, 1 month ago