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The Pursuit of Innovation: Breakthrough vs. Incremental

Every aspect of a business, brand or organization can be optimized through innovation – customer relationships, process, human resources – all in pursuit of a meaningful experience. What’s more is that this application opens up the culture of innovation to all, not solely the ‘creatives’. With an incredibly competitive market and a demanding customer base, creative agencies require an innovation culture to stay relevant. Many employ one of two types of innovation, even without knowing it. More often, unaware of it’s process, a company innovates through an incremental process. Incremental innovation is considerably the more conservative method and exists on small, gradual improvements to a product or service. This may not even be seen as innovation during implementation, but in retrospecting a product’s synthesis over time, one can obviously see the benefit and upgrades to it’s user – thus solving their problems through innovation. Incremental innovation responds to it’s users needs, making their lives better, becoming more useful and earning…

5 years, 7 months ago