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Why Culture Matters When Selecting a Creative Agency

The creative agency model has changed. In the not too distant past, the market was dominated by big firms with high rise locales and seemingly never-ending expense accounts. While those models still exist in some forms, the general culture of the creative agency has shifted to a more open market with varied options ranging from small boutique outfits, to agency collectives consisting of a grouping of freelancers. With technology allowing clients to access talent anywhere, geography is no longer an issue, and the options can be overwhelming. Foremost – agency talent is key when it comes to choosing a creative team. It’s important to assess organizational elements such as services, capabilities and process as well as past work and portfolio – but perhaps the factor that can make or break a successful relationship is ensuring that the agency’s culture fit is in alignment with the brand it’s paired with. Core…

3 years, 10 months ago