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Keeping Agile In The Evolving Creative Marketplace

Good news, if you are reading this post – you’re already one step ahead. In the current and constantly changing design and technology landscape, talent and drive are key – but being informed will push the envelope even further. Staying on top of industry trend patterns, innovators, designers and developments allows an already creative mind the space to open up even more possibility for future Read (or Listen) Up From blogs to print magazines and journals – gathering knowledge by keeping tabs on the latest publications is one of the best ways to stay in the know. Digital content is highly up to date but can be sometimes be fleeting since trends change so regularly. Keep an eye out for content patterns – if you begin to see multiple publications on the same topic that means it’s probably worth a second look. If you can’t spare the time, podcasts are also…

7 years, 15 days ago
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Simplify Design to Amplify Clarity

From design to content strategy, with specific attention to the web, minimalism has taken precedence. The right techniques can improve the legibility of design, create perception of expertise and foster true connection. The big question emerges: how can designers go about distilling down the essence of complexity to an elegant and powerful design without veering too far off course and peeling away valuable layers of information? We can all recognize that the current and longtime climate of complexity is building by the day. Complexity has become a large part of our lives and as a result, resources are at a minimum. A clear driver for a simplicity approach is to serve the user. Simplify (the message) Solve (a problem) Save (user resources: time, money) Taking steps to achieve minimalism will not only allow greater cognition for the user, but fast track the ultimate goal of conversion. Pare Down It’s inevitable that aspects must be removed or edited. There are only…

7 years, 2 months ago
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Design as a Key Element in Successful Branding

There are many parts of branding from the strategy, positioning, culture, to the brand statement. However, design is obviously the most recognizable aspect of branding. Design and branding are inseparable but business owners often confuse the relationship between the two. For instance, many business owners associate the logo as the brand when it is more of an avatar for the company. With that said, how exactly does design impact a brand? Since the topic of the logo was brought up, you can say that the logo design is meant to support or conceptualize your brand statement and identity rather than represent the brand together. Take the financial company ING for example. Their logo has the symbol of a lion next to their company name. The purpose here is to represent a pedigree that commands respect, is authoritative, and is a leader. These are all qualities that people want to associate…

7 years, 5 months ago
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Agile Design for Startups – A Fresh Approach to Creating

In a competitive environment, the ability to adapt is a essential quality for a company. For that reason, many companies have started to embrace the agile approach for designing their websites and apps. The traditional approach of getting a product perfect or nearly perfect before launching a website or a product does have its place. After all, a well designed website or app that runs as perfectly as can be will probably be met with acclaim, creating a momentum that sets itself for success in the marketplace. But the traditional approach to creating is not ideal for many companies, especially for companies with small budgets and a lack of resources for figuring out what their audience wants to the tee. The agile approach is perfect for these types of companies as they don’t have to commit everything to creating a perfect final product. They can adapt as they go until…

7 years, 10 months ago
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Web Design for Startups: What Are Smart Startups Doing With Their Websites?

It’s becoming difficult for startups to ignore web design. To many startups, website design may seem like a way to present their company in a meaningful way. However, it is far more than an aesthetic function. Design is about creating something in a way that is meant to be used. It gets people to delve into your content, evaluate your products, and take part in a unique experience (if that’s your goal). If that’s the case, what should startups take notice of when it comes to design? Here are some great examples of what some startups are doing. 1. Being as direct as possible – Many startups are cutting to the chase and simply stating directly what a new visitor will get out of using their website or what they are offering. The goal is to quickly state the benefit out of using the website in a few sentences and…

7 years, 11 months ago
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4 Factors for Successful Microsite Design

If you’re looking to set up a corporate site or distinguish other sub-brands from your main website, it’s time to go with a microsite. What is a microsite? A microsite is basically is basically a small website that are meant to supplement your main website or achieve some kind of purpose. For example, a microsite can be build for a specific brand that carries a distinct line of products. It can also be built to set up a viral marketing promotion. It makes sense to create one to target new audiences, distinguish brands/products, or set up big event promotions. But what makes a microsite successful? There are several factors with the first being focus. You need a focused topic to give your users the space to really consume the information you want them to consume. The microsite design needs to be themed around the topic and the content also will…

7 years, 11 months ago
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What Should You Focus On When Redesigning a Company Site?

Thinking about redesigning the company site? While updating your website is a good idea, it’s still a risky move if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can alienate your existing audience by going with a new web design that is disconnected from your roots. You can unknowingly get rid of website elements that are making your site work with less effective designs. The key is to really know what to focus on to improve your company site. For many companies, the idea of a redesign stems from a much needed update to how their website looks. It might be attractive to completely revamp the entire website but you need to really think about what’s working right now. What are people really connecting to on your website right now? What aspects of the design reflect the brand of the company? What elements bring your website together to create a unique…

8 years, 23 days ago
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Understanding Mobile Apps and Development

With the number of mobile device users growing leaps and bounds every coming year, a growing number of companies are focusing on developing their own app. There are a multitude of reasons for developing a mobile app. One company may intend to develop a product and sell it through the Apple or Google app marketplace while another company may want to give away their apps to get people familiar with their brand. Whatever the case is for your company, you want to understand what it takes to actually build a mobile app. The first step is to figure out if your app idea is feasible to your needs. For instance, will it be something that people want to buy or download? Will you be able to provide a service of value? If there are competing apps, can you make yours better? These are all important questions that you’ll need to…

8 years, 1 month ago
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Looking at Company Branding and Visual Communications in a New Light

For a long time, branding has been approached as a simply stating “this is who we are and this is what we do” or “this is what makes us better” in the digital world. Most of the emphasis has been on the basic presentation and core message. But more brands are finding a better way to connect with their audience, namely, through innovative visual branding. Web design has been one of the ways brands have been conveying who they are. They’re incorporating brand elements into the web design to give their websites a strong identity. It departs from basic websites which focus mostly on the logo, general color schemes and the core message. Approaching web design in this manner helps brands stand out from the competition and appeal to users. This design approach also injects a strong dose of personality into the brand. It signifies that the person is dealing…

8 years, 2 months ago
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Single Product eCommerce Design

Setting up a website to sell a single product is an effective way to highlight a core product, set up promotional events, or increase conversions. While the concept is simple, you still need a quality single product eCommerce design to maximize your results. These websites will usually be small and concise, so all the small details make a big difference in the final result. Like a regular website, single product websites need a professional presentation. The visual presentation will speak volumes about the quality of the product and the credibility of your company. Without proper single product eCommerce design, people will feel suspicious about making a purchase from a small website with some generic design. That’s why you want to instill confidence in them with the aesthetics. Effective design is also important for single product websites if you’re trying to tie the product around a big promotion or event. You…

8 years, 6 months ago