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The New Age of Packaging Sustainability

With Earth Day (April 22nd) and Arbor Day (April 24) placing a spotlight on sustainability this week, statements on the ecological aspects and efforts of business across industries abound. Despite the fact that sustainability should ideally be on the agenda for every company and brand everyday, the yearly spotlight can act as a needed catalyst for change. Taking into consideration a growing population and a middle class rise, the increase of consumerism and the prevalence of ecommerce will see no decrease. As many of these consumers are eco-conscious to a certain extent, and following some semblance of sustainability practices – packaging is, and will continue to be a necessary component of the consumer equation. With the growing market, looking at packaging as a commodity – a necessary part of the product life-cycle opens up the conversation to ecological responsibility. Most companies and organizations reaching a level of public recognition and/or…

7 years, 3 months ago