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Let It Go: Working Happy in 2015

Find a job that will bring you success and happiness will follow. Right?…Not necessarily. 

Studies have shown that happiness itself leads to success, not the other way around. Individuals who are the happiest are also the most productive – a shocking fact to consider; shouldn’t the amount of work accomplished be unrelated to the emotional state of the employee? 

 Of course, my rhetoric has given the answer away already. Happier people are more energetic as they approach their daily workload and their relationships with their coworkers and peers, and tend to be more creative. Being more amicable in groups than their morose counterparts, they work well with others and feel more resilient, handling challenges with strength (such energy is necessary when tackling difficult issues, as setbacks tend to occur and can weigh someone down – happiness lends the fire to move past roadblocks). The most successful people are the…

5 years, 5 months ago