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Exploring Collaborative Design Methods: Parallel, Iterative & Agile

More often than not, the means to completing a project with the ideal outcome consists of working with a team. Collaborating with creatives can help the process along and help ease ‘stuck spots’ that are bound to arise. Building a team with a variance of individual talents will not only assist in the initial idea creation process, but will allow for specific stakeholders to be accountable for the areas of the work that they most align with. There are many project management routes to take when working collaboratively, but the format should ideally frame around a specific co-working methodology. Many new implementations have arisen as collaboration becomes more and more prevalent in both small scale and enterprise companies. Trying out each style or cherry picking from each method to form a new working style is advised to fit the project it will develop with. Parallel Design One of the techniques commonly used among…

6 years, 11 months ago