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Creative Process: Design is Iterative

Working together takes a certain amount of empathy and curiosity – which aren’t always the easiest qualities to tap into on a moments notice. They are, however, invaluable tools that can propel a project to the ideal outcome in less time. Building this type of collaborative environment that fosters experimentation that, if productive, requires some level of structure that many are looking to create on an enterprise scale. With the shifting models of agencies – and highly competitive marketplace, founders and creative directors are on a constant search for a pioneering model for idea generation. The challenges throughout the lifecycle of a project can be immense, so a system of organization rooted in not only creativity, but accountability has emerged as a perennial favorite. So what process has risen to the top, providing optimized efficiency and creative flow to a team of collaborators? Featuring one of the most sustainable approaches to the…

5 years, 4 months ago