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The Positive Side of a Creative Block

The flow of creativity is a strange thing. Like precious a natural resource, it comes in waves – either a big rush or a slow trickle. A constant stream is a rare gift and can sometimes be taken for granted. The fact is, creative roadblocks can actually be a good thing. If you continue on the same path for too long, innovation is hindered and new solutions have next to no chance of seeing the light of day. It’s the action of doing something new, something as simple as taking a different path to work or ordering a different meal – that can be the catalyst for reinvigorating creative mojo. You might not even know you lost it, or were even looking for it, but the feeling will be unmistakable – an ignition of your creative self. Getting Creatively Un-Stuck Unplug This might be the most obvious, but the hardest…

5 years, 8 months ago