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Creating Stronger Project Outcomes Through an Agile Process

Beyond the confines of creative briefs, project management platforms and collaborative regroups – creative teams are now looking to expand and experiment with new processes, moving far away from the traditional design project management style, hoping to crack the code in design process reinvention. With most creative teams working on projects ranging from campaign strategy, UI/UX to content development, an agile process lends itself to an elastic, fluid journey to the end product. What is Agile? Though derived from software development, the agile method has proven effective in multiple sectors of business and product development, particularly in creative environments. Agile is a functional strategy aimed at producing solutions in a short amount of time by using incremental repetition. In other words, constant collaboration, or sprints – in this case. Close contact and transparency is key with the client to keep the stream moving rapidly. Nearly 100% of teams who have…

3 years, 3 months ago