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Why User Experience Matters

We can all agree that design is important, and it’s even better when something that looks good works well. So, then why is user experience such a hard sell for some? With regard to design, UX is just as critical an element as the visual identity of a company. If the user can’t figure out how to navigate the site or app, they can be easily turned off, much like a bad logo design or unsuccessful packaging. User Experience can be of benefit to any digital platform, however when implemented strategically for ecommerce, complex applications, wearables or any experience where a user has to accomplish a task – the presence of UX opens up a clearer pathway to conversion. Ongoing user experience strategies and optimization can also greatly increase the longevity and scalability of a digital product. Focusing on the importance of user interaction is a key aspect in driving…

5 years, 9 months ago
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Using Data to Heighten the Creative Process

It’s all too common for data to be seen as a creativity killer. To most creatives, the thought of analyzing content, numbers, charts and graphs has been seen as both a daunting and cumbersome process – an all out war against the design process. But what if data could be the key to what makes the creative experience truly free? With storytelling and user experience at the top of most brand strategies, data has become a necessary aspect of providing the right messaging (both visual and contextual) to the end user. Consumers are providing critically valuable information from the digital environment as they engage with brands, leaving a trail of signals. These cues, while backed in analytics, can help designers in creating rich experiential  landscapes that exceed expectations across all platforms. As much of an oxymoron as it may seem, creatives need constraints to tap into true innovation. Without some…

6 years, 6 months ago
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5 Tips For Energizing Your Facebook Engagement

Many of us are very familiar with social media, using it on a day to day basis. Whether it’s posting updates about family or events, posting pictures from our vacations, or tweeting meaningful or funny quotes, social media has touched our lives in some way. To truly connect with our customers and website users, each brand must become fully fluent in the platform that best suits it. Facebook is a complicated world – what sort of articles or posts get the most interaction, how can we increase engagement with our followers, and create the most meaningful experience? How can we glean the most benefit from one of the most popular social media networks in the world? There are a few ways to assist you in making your Facebook posts make a more meaningful impression. Of course, a brand must engage in extensive research to see what their users’ needs and…

6 years, 9 months ago
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Point and Shoot: 3 Tips for a Great Photoshoot Experience

We recently had a fantastic photoshoot opportunity, thriving in an environment full of great, positive energy and creative collaboration. As a result of that experience, we’ve decided to compile a few points that we found to be poignant in improving the entire photoshoot process. 
 Point, Shoot, and Connect
 As you go through the photoshoot, make sure to connect with your subjects. Strike up friendly conversation – the more you speak to one another, the more at ease you will all feel, resulting in the best results possible. A relaxed subject is a photogenic one – no fake smiles, and all of the warm energy will transfer to the final product. 

If you’re photographing objects or a facility (as opposed to corporate headshots), speak to the individuals in charge of production or the people that work within that industrial space. Understanding the message they want to convey, the voice of…

6 years, 10 months ago